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Recent Tesco API downtime

If you visit the main Tesco API Developers Portal you will see an updated message (3rd Sep 2012). Registration for new developer keys is still disabled however if you have already registered for a key then you can email your developers key (NOT your application keys) to nick@lansley.com and your keys will probably be cross referenced with the log files to make sure you have not been abusing the API and if your truly committed to innovation then I am assuming your developers key will be re-enabled.

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A helping hand with your grocery shopping

With My Shopping Assistant you create packages, which can contain a number of items. When you’re ready to do an online shop you no longer have to go through the tedious and laborious task of searching and adding individual items. You simple select the package you want to add, confirm you want all the items in that package and then add them directly to your Tesco.com basket.

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