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Its been a while since I attended the TJam event at Microsoft London which was for developers to get insite into what customers want to help them shop with There is already a community preview API avaliable; however tesco are about to release at any time now the new Grocery API Beta Edition which is built on their new ‘martini’ platform. The new api will be much faster and will allow access to much more information including product nutrition and even information about which isl and how far down that ile the item can be found in the customers local tesco store!

I am trying to do some ground work for ‘My Shopping Assistant’ which will be something connected with the Tesco API but I have not decided exactly what yet. I have a couple of ideas; however have not set anything in stone as yet. I have some feedback from friends and family about what they would be looking for, and we will make use of one of the ideas so the time and effort saved for our weekly shop would be a reason to invest some time into the application. The idea is that there may be many applications (apps) which get built eventually so the website name My Shopping Assistant will be a home for them all. Then you will be able to access the differnent tools and utilities from this main site. I will not go into too much detail at this stage about what the website will do as the ‘TJammers’ are still waiting for the release of the new Tesco API.

The above video is taken from Nick Lansley’s Technology for Tesco blog.

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