Passionate web consultant

Confidant, knowledgable, experienced.

I love to run

Regularly running 5k, 8k or 10k

I love Smoothies

Kale, Cucumber, Kiwi & Lemon are my favorite!

I live in Dubai

Currently based in Dubai, UAE

About me.

Who am i

About me.

Originally from Leeds, I moved to the North East to attend Teesside University in 2001 after spending a year in Australia. I started my university career with a HND and then went on to complete a degree in Information Technology which included a year in industry. I graduated in 2006.

After graduating, I spent two years working for Applaud Web Solutions who have recently been bought by Oracle. In 2008 I joined Koodoo Creative and spent just over 4 years learning about the creative industry from within a typical agency. I joined at the birth of Koodoo and enjoyed being a major part in helping the company succeed to what it is today. Looking for my next challenge, I moved to a role within Thap in 2012 to work specifically for Clicksco, one of our main clients. 

Around mid 2013 Thap joined the Clicksco Group and became Clicksco UK. In August 2013 I moved to Dubai with my wife to work at Clicksco HQ, which is where I am today.

I am passionate about the creative industry, especially in Teesside. In 2009 I noticed a lack of networking within the creative industry. In early 2012 I founded an event called ‘Refresh Teesside’ to encourage collaboration and promote businesses in the region. Recent events have seen over 100 people attend and the community keep growing. 

I am married to Fiona who is a Clinical Psychologist. I enjoy spending time with family and friends. I take photos as a hobby. I have a black cocker spaniel called Molly.


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