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Favourite Laravel packages I always install

I thought it might be helpful for me to share a handful of packages which I find myself installing whenever I start a new Laravel application. Let me know if there are any missing! Laravel Debug bar barryvdh/laravel-debugbar (Github / Packagist) Probably the first package I install in every Laravel project is the laravel Debug […]

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Laravel Eloquent relationship query

I am working on a tool at the moment which is built on top of Codebase. I am going to blog later in more detail about this tool. For now, I want to touch on a specific Laravel issue I had yesterday. We also use TeamWeek to plan on a more top level. TeamWeek enables us to […]

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Limit packages to development in Laravel applications

Let’s say you like to use Laravel 4 Generators by Jeffery Way like we do at Clicksco. If you are not familiar with this package then you should head over to Laracasts and watch the free video. You will only be using the generators in development so you don’t really want to have this included on production. Let’s have […]

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World cities database

I went on the hunt for a database and successfully found a couple of resources which had exactly the information I needed. One of them even had population so I was able to use this information alongside our other background research to influence our decision on which cities we would actually list so we were not trying to list all of them! I thought I would share these two links are they will probably be of use to me in the future and I hope this will help someone else out.

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