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Today I am heading down to London to take part in the Tesco Tjam event. There are two parts to the day. During the day customers and creative thinkers will meet to drive ideas and innovation around what they would like to see from Tesco’s as a service. This information will be gathered by Nick Lansley Head of R&D at Tesco.com throughout the day. The second part of the day is an event for developers, where around 120 developers will meet for a presentation of the days ideas. At the event Tesco will introduce the new ‘martini’ API which will provide access to many more features and functions than the currently available preview API.

Tesco’s are really trying to give the developer community the tools to create the future applications for Tesco. Facebook applications, iPhone applications or full systems which will sit in you’re kitchen… you name it, your going to see it once ‘martin’ is fully tested.

The initial stage is nearly over. People have been playing with the preview release of the API for a while now. I have just managed to get PHP to connect to the SOAP API and managed to create a little application which allows you to search the tesco products database and then add things to your basket. This all updates your actual Tesco basket live so once you log into Tesco.com you can just go straight to the checkout. I am really finding this very exciting and the possabilities are endless.

At first only the developers who attend the Tjam event will be able to register for an affiliate account. We will be able to earn money when sending new customers to Tesco.com and also on the cart total at checkout if items were added to the basket using an application key belonging to that affiliate (its quite confusing – more info available on the developers form).

Its going to be quite an exciting event. I have been contacted by Nick to see if I would show some of my php code however I am not sure if I could do that in front of 120 other developers from around the country! I have sent him FTP to my application so we will see what happens.

More information can be found on the Tjam home page. There is also a techfortesco blog or maybe you would like to follow them on twitter techfortesco on twitter.

6 thoughts on “Tesco API – Tjam

  1. Hello
    Now tesco API is not working anyone have any information why?

    I try both REST and SOAP API, both are not giving any response.

    please update me is there any changes in api or api shifted to other server or whatever info yo have.

    Thanks in advace.

    1. Hi,

      I am also having problems accessing the API. It looks like the API management portal is also down. I have done all I can to get in contact with the people who I believe to be in charge of the API at Tesco but I have not had anything back yet. If and when I do I will update my blog. If you find anything out please let me know.


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