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I have been using PHPStorm for a while now and after the recent release of version 5 (seems to be much faster) I am sticking with it for the foreseeable future.

I have also been using Alfred for a long time too. I purchased the Powerpack to get access to some of the more advanced features and have never regretted the small expense.

Today I found out Syd Lawrence has built an awesome plugin called Alfred Dev Doctor which helps developers find the correct documentation whilst coding. It needed Alfred v2 and the Powerpack.

I did not know there was a version 2 avaliable so I immediently downloaded the new version. Unfortuntly I then found out that my licence key for the version 1 Powerpack did not work with version 2 so I had to upgrade my Powerpack licence. The upgrade was a small fee of £10, worth it in my eyes. Since 14 May 2012, I have used Alfredapp 6,591 times, which is an average 20.9 times per day.

Since I had the all new singing and dancing version of Alfred and the Powerpack I began looking at other things I could get him to help me with. For months I have been trying to get Alfred v1 to open a folder with PHPStorm. I was never able to get this working. Luckily in Alfred v2 this was easy.

I have created a Workflow in Alfred which allows me to hit ‘alt+space’ then type ‘phps’ and then type a folder name to find it. Once it has found it I simply hit enter and it will open that folder up in PHPStorm. Yay!

A video of this working can be found here: Video showing Alfred opening a folder in PHPStorm

You can download the Workflow here, unzip and double click to install: PHPStorm Alfred Workflow

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