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James Mills > Blog > JetSetMe, IFTTT & Personal site has been an ongoing experiment for a while now. It needs a little bit of an update but if you read the about page you should get a good idea of how I have it setup.

I recently updated my personal site (just a quick tidy up really) and I noticed I display where I am based but I am not always actually in that location. Thinking back to a recent update by IFTTT in which they announced a partnership with JetSetMe I started to think of a way I could show this information without having to actually update this myself.

I setup the JetSetMe channel in IFTTT. The JetSetMe service is something O2 are experimenting with which allows you to do things when O2 spot that you have arrived in a new country.

When JetSetMe picks up a new country IFTTT get triggered. I have IFTTT store data in JSON format in a file in Dropbox (you can see the recipe here). I then have a CRON job running on my server which opens this file periodically and saves all the data to a database which uses. This is basically how all the data on is generated.

I then have a very simple API on which gives me access to this data which means on I can show where I am currently located.



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