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I have had a Dribble account for a while now and have never really used it. As I am not planning on doing any design work in the future I would like this account to go to a good home. I understand they are still in high demand. It is a full account.

I sent a Tweet out last night to see if anyone was interested and it would seem a few people are. Now I am left with the dilemma about who to give it to. I thought that I would run a little competition. It will be focussed around Twitter using the hashtag #IWJDA (I Want James’ Dribble Account).

All you have to do is send a public tweet which includes the hashtag #IWJDA and a link to this blog post. In your Tweet you have to include something that will convince me that you should be the one to take my Dribble account over. It can be anything, a link, a picture, a sentence or anything you want! I will pick the winner at 15:00 on Thursday 14th February.

Have fun 🙂


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