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Laravel Eloquent relationship query

I am working on a tool at the moment which is built on top of Codebase. I am going to blog later in more detail about this tool. For now, I want to touch on a specific Laravel issue I had yesterday. We also use TeamWeek to plan on a more top level. TeamWeek enables us to […]

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Laravel Envoyer & FreeBSD mv: illegal option — T

UPDATE Originally Taylor tried to ‘lookup’ the operating system you were using and then use the correct command. Unfortunately, this broke things for other users so he had to roll it back. So he has now included a config option I have been meaning to try Laravel Envoyer for some time now. At work we have a […]

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David Heinemeier Hansson at Startup School 08

I stumbled across this awesome video, which seems to have been original uploaded to YouTube on 11th November 2018, from my Twitter steam last week. DHH is a truly outspoken guy who has some extremely strong opinions on a number of things in our industry. In this video he highlights the simplicity of an extremely important topic that […]

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