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I saw a Tweet from my good friend Anthony Sterling the other day which made me think.

A couple of things stood out from this Tweet which made me think.

Meeting people 1:1 ain’t normally my thing…“.  As an introvert, I like to keep myself to myself however I know that to grow personally and professionally I need to push myself and do things which “ain’t normally my thing”. I challenge myself on this quite a lot but I have never thought of opening myself up like this before!

… I’m happy to step outside my comfort zone...”. My comfort zone is certainly something that stifles my growth. I love being in my comfort zone and it’s something I will always protect. However, I am also aware that I must step out of my comfort zone as much as possible. This served as a great reminder.

.. be more like @kwuchu…“. I love the fact that someone else inspired Anthony to act and this, in turn, inspired me. It pays to spend some maintenance time on who you follow to make sure you are getting the optimum out of your many social follow lists!

… hit me up if too you fancy a coffee…“. So simple, so effective. Something which could change my world and at the very least I could get to meet some amazing people.

So… coffee?

Meeting people one to one isn’t normally my thing, but I’m happy to step outside my comfort zone to be more like Anthony. Hit me up if too you fancy a coffee in Dubai in 2019! Just send me a Direct Message.

[Photo by Rod Long on Unsplash]

2 thoughts on “Fancy a coffee in 2019?

  1. ahhhh love this idea! I might do this as well and step outside my comfort zone. I think it’s about time to stop being busy and ‘live life’. 🙂 thanks for this!

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