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A couple of Christmas’s ago my awesome wife got me a GoPro. It’s helped us capture some amazing memories so far, but one of the most time consuming and most critical things to do with the footage is to edit it into something that you can enjoy watching.

I remember when I was younger, we got a family video camera. On a family trip to Europe, I remember videoing out of the window for what seems like hours. That footage is still on a video somewhere at my mum’s house and will probably never be watched. It’s was mind-numbingly dull.

More often than not, when something amazing is happening, people tend to watch it through their screens as they record rather than just enjoying it in the moment. Again, endless footage that’s more than likely going to rot away in digital heaven.

I am doing my best to edit what I capture on my GoPro into something watchable and enjoyable. Something that captures a time, event or trip in a way that I and others will want to watch now and in the future. It’s not easy and it’s something that I wish I was better at. I have great admiration for people who can edit videos like a pro.

Something which makes editing a little easier is to be able to have shots from lots of different angles. Then you can cut footage down and make it more interesting.

I am a novice and I am only doing this as a personal hobby so I welcome you to join me on my journey but I cannot guarantee any level of quality of the footage, editing or what I am capturing!

Today I am sharing with you a short clip of my morning of Sunday 17th March. It started at 5am with me making a coffee. Then a short time-lapse of the sunrise of the Marina whilst I was at the gym. I then capture a short part of my commute to work around the Marina on my Ninebot scooter. The weather wasn’t great so I will probably do it again with some clearer weather in the future.

It’s all a little bit of fun, but please feel free to leave my your comments and advice on how to make it better.

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