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I missed the opportunity to welcome my friend James Chorley back from his recent bike trip. He seems to do a bike trip once a year at the moment and when he mentioned that he was doing another one this year and that he would be tweeting his location with a picture every day my head started to spin with ideas. It gave me the idea of creating a bespoke website which would search through his twitter feed for the tweets he made whilst he was away, gather and process the information in the links and plot his location on a map along with the image and the comment from that days post. It was going to be a little challenge as he only told me afew days before he set off. With a few late night I managed to fit his desired design around the website and I am pleased to say it was a great success. James tweeted every day and his family and friends were able to track him on his dedicated site.

You can visit the site here

Or watch a video of the site in action here

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