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I have recently made the desision to close all other blogging sites and all other web services I do not use and concentrain on this blog. So that means the end to my blog on blogspot and and end to Netvibes, Posterous along with a few other accounts I have picked up along the way. Netvibes is a great service its just not for me. Psterous is an awesome service, my friend James Chorley has a Posterous page and raves about it, it truly is an awesome service… I am just trying to cut down on the things I really do not need to use and have a smaller presence online but one that is stronger.

I will continue to blog occasionaly on nebusiness however I am aiming to make a weekly blog to this site from this point onwards.

I have made quite a few blog posts on my old blog about services for web developers and also life tools which I thought people might find interesting. These will be lost so in time I will look at what I use now and post links and info about these services and others which I think are really worth it. I dont like telling people what they should and should not use on the web because I think people should do their own research but there are some services and websites out there which are unmissable. For example if your looking at getting a domain name then do not look anywhere other than 123-reg.

I am also going to have a facebook friends cull and delete some people who have sneaked onto my friends list somehow. I have never fully understood facebook as a service but I have always liked it. I will use LinkedIn for company and corporate contacts and facebook for family and close friends only.

Thanks for reading, I look forward to receiving comments from you as I begin to post my weekly updates.

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