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A while ago I started to try a new mail client called Postbox. I have used Microsoft Outlook all my life but I was not happy with the way it grouped messages and since I am an iPhone user and really like the way that messages are grouped by subject, this has become a key thing to me. I also wanted to move away from Microsoft. Postbox have been releasing updates quite often since I started using it and the most recent update make the hole thing look and work amazingly so I am more than happy and would recommend it to anyone.

One thing that has been a little problem is the way it manages contacts. I did have a very robust way of backing up and syncing my contacts between all my devises. I have an iPhone, iPad, Laptop, work desktop and home desktop.

I now focus my sync around Google contacts. If you keep all your contacts in Google you can then link your iPhone/iPad to live sync. You can then link Soocial and Google Contacts to keep a backup. You can then pop along to and download Zindus which will sync the ‘Personal Address Book’ in Postbox to Google Contacts.

Great setup, no need to do anything.

Hope this help someone in the same situation.


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