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Yesterday I was checking twitter and saw an update from @nicklansley (head of R&D at He has a blog called ‘techfortesco’ which, asĀ  I am sure you can guess, is all about technology. I clicked on the link to have a read and the title was ‘Order your groceries through a Facebook app’. This instantly got me excited as I am the only person (that I know of) who has done anything like this which Nick knows about.

…the time is coming when our army of third-party developers can unleash their Tesco Grocery API powered applications on the world.

One of these developers is James Mills, an IT programmer who came along to our Tesco TJAM day back in August last year.

James has developed a Facebook application called ‘My Shopping Assistant’ which allows Facebook users to shop groceries with us.

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This is really exciting because it comes only a few days after Nick showed his support for the My Shopping Assistant facebook app by becoming a fan of the facebook app.

Things are really starting to get moving now with My Shopping Assistant. The facebook app, although it does not do much at the moment, is getting used quite frequently and is attracting quite a bit of interest.

Another app which we are working on is the Joggler app which Sam Whisker is helping develope. This is really exciting and we hope to have a version released very soon.

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2 thoughts on “Some great support…

  1. James – just picked up a Joggler and started trying different apps on it – really interested to hear of your Tesco app as we use their online shopping and making it more convenient to use would be great. If you need any end user testers would be happy to help / offer feedback.

    1. Hi! Thanks for your comment! How did you find out about the app? We are currently working on the user interface design at the moment. I will post more soon. Keep your eye on the My Shopping Assistant website and blog.

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