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Last year I started my blog up on the back of my website and closed everything else similar to blogging sites and services. The idea was to have one main area where I would post everything and on a regular basis… As you can see this is the first blog in a long time…

Two things to note. Firstly I am now engaged. Secondly I am writing this post in bed on my iPhone using the wordpress app. Awesome!

I will try to find the time to redesign the blog to fit in with the rest of the ‘jgm’ look and feel and I am going to try and blog more about things I am doing and what I find interesting.

I am working on a sites called My Shopping Assistant and I am going to try work some late nights to get that finished by the end of Feb. I will blog about that more closer to the time.

I have also just got a Joggler which is awesome. I think I will do a post on that soon…

Hope everyone is well. I am looking for some freelance work at the moment so stay in contact and let me know if you have any leads.

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