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Much of my digital life is online, publically or privately in one way or another… and if it’s not then I am looking for ways to get it online. I don’t mean online in the form of facebook etc., I mean online for synchronisation purposes or backup. I am going to tell you all about a great product called Humyo one day but for now I want to tell you about Soocial.

I use a desktop at home and a desktop at work and now and then I boot my historic laptop up. I also now have an N96 phone so being able to sync all these computers/devises is a must for me. I am just not happy carrying around an external hard drive or plugging things in here and there or running two calendars etc… I want to run a life where I don’t worry about backups of everything all the time. Synchronising between a couple of devises is a good way of backing up but I have found that syncing with an online tool and also keeping a local copy is a great way to go! I can also work anywhere anytime and have access to all my personal files etc.

I have invested quite a bit of my time making sure that all the solutions I find for things are easy to use and work and don’t require loads of messing about or installation of loads of different hacks etc…

My address book is the last thing I needed to sync and I have found the solution! Soccial… lets you install an outlook client on any desktop you use and it will sync the contacts with the online database… which also means I can sync with my phone without having to connect my phone to a PC…

Try it and let me know how you get on!

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