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I wanted to drop a note about my experience with UK Dedicated.

I have had servers with a number of different server companies in the past. I ran my own reseller service when I was at University. I have managed in-house servers and used virtual servers hosted by some of the big names on the net. None of which have ever come close to the service received by UK Dedicated.

When I realised that running a reseller account to host my clients websites was a bad idea due to the server been crammed with other resellers and constantly crashing I decided to purchase my own server and have it hosted in a top data centre. I search high and low and stumbled across UK Dedicated. I was able to keep in constant contact with the guys as they guided me through purchasing and setting up the server. They do not operate phone support so everything is done over the web. I was setup in record time and to my surprise everything worked, I have come to accept that nothing goes how it should and nothing is done when it should be no-a-days however these guys broke that trend.

The service I have received from day one has been stupendous. The support ticket system is first class and response time is sometimes unbelievable. The company occupy space in a couple of data centres both in London, one of which is at Global Switch London 1. This facility provides unsurpassed levels of security along with physical measures to protect the safety and reliability of services. The speed is great and I have never had a problem with connectivity.

I have recently moved jobs and we have recently assessed the hosting we provide to clients. With the service I knew I could expect from UK Dedicated there was only one choice for me. I put my recommendation to the guys at work and I am happy to say our clients are now hosted on a UK Dedicated server… allowing me to sleep much better at night.

Andy and Craig at UK Dedicated run a smooth well oiled service which I cannot recommend enough. If you are ever looking at dedicated servers then please take a look at and feel free to contact me if you need any further persuasion.

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