James Mills > Link Share > is a simple service that makes updating your social networks a snap!

Status updates are something you either love or hate. However it’s a fact we all use them. Do you change the text next to your name on MSN? Do you update your status update on Facebook… well this is what I am referring to. Some of you may use LinkedIn which has also recently added a status option.

Now for the good bit… are you fed up of signing into all your websites and applications to update your status? Well is for you! Its simple, you sign up for an account on (using the beta code below). You add your facebook account, LinkedIn account and all other services you wish to update at once. Then you send a status message and it sends it to all your other services!

What’s even better is that you can then add a client to MSN or GTalk and you then have as a contact in your IM client. You can send a message using MSN and it will send it to your account and then update all your statuses around the web!

There is even an API and a custom URL option for the developer out there!

Use this code “thispingsforyou” if you would like to get in on the beta action!

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